Property Marketing Tips December 28, 2022

Make a lasting impression: First impressions mean everything to potential home buyers.

With buyers hesitating it is IMPORTANT to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION!

In many, the decision to consider the purchase is initially based on a home’s curb appeal. Some say that only takes 8-seconds! Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways that can be done to shape up a home’s exterior.

Seven Easy Tips for Improving A Home’s Curb Appeal

  1. Tidy-up: Rake the leaves, sweep the walkways and clear up the front steps.
  2. Do Some Gardening: Plant seasonal flowers to brighten the landscape.
  3. Fix the Yard: Mow the lawn, trim the edges off shrubs and sidewalks.
  4. Declutter: Remove unnecessary items from the front of the house and store garbage cans and gardening supplies neatly in the garage.
  5. Freshen-Up: Clean windows, paint the front door, replace worn doormats and screens.
  6. Make Sure It Works: Replace broken doorbells, outdoor lighting, and wobbly rails.
  7. It’s Showtime: Take a quick look around before the start of showings or the OPEN HOUSE.

Selling in this market takes more than curb appeal. Call fcr my Marketability and Sale-ability Study on your property.