Property Marketing Tips October 11, 2022


OK…Average does sell but not for the highest price. Let’s get your property in the best shape to maximize your profit!

8-Seconds…That’s all it takes for most buyers to form a 1st opinion of your house and how much time you have to leave an indelible impression on those that pull to the curb, open the front door, move from room to room, and when viewing the backyard. It all begins from the curb.

Curb appeal still matters!

  • Keep your landscaping trimmed up and neat!
  • Wash down the exterior and add in a splash of color matching seasonal plantings.
  • Clean the windows.

Clean your carpets and all flooring.

  • Deep clean. If stains and, um…odors remain, we have to take action.

Wash the windows.

  • Glistening and clear.

Welcome in!

  • Clean door knobs, switch and plug covers, and cabinet knobs.

Clear the clutter and put away family photos.

  • Help them see themselves in your house.
  • Remove clutter and store nicely in closets and the garage.

Everyone loves open & airy.

Fresh, modern paint colors work wonders.

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