Uncategorized April 19, 2022

10 Myths Buyers & Sellers Believe About the Current Market

You may or may not share in some of these beliefs. Get the facts about buying and selling in this market. We can share with you the facts that can help you get your home sold or your offer accepted.

Seller Myth: No seller preparation is needed.

Seller Myth: There’s no such thing as a crazy asking price.

Seller Myth: Post-closing occupancy is free and guaranteed.

Seller Myth: Selling is easy-peasy.

Seller Myth: Buyers must waive contingencies

Buyer Myth: I’ll wait until prices come down.

Buyer Myth: The real estate market is going to crash.

Buyer Myth: It’s important for me to waive all contingencies

.Buyer Myth: You can’t negotiate on over-priced properties.

Buyer Myth: It’s better to buy an off-market property.